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Assembly work

assembly work

Whether your vehicle is being built as an original or slightly modified, the assembly work is a time consuming process, researching details, and installing parts supplied by our approved venders. The assembly process is typically researched in our media office using the Internet, factory documentation & numerous restoration & specialty publications.


Most vehicles that are commonly restored suffer the damages of time. The most common damage is rust. Surface rust can be treated with abrasives or chemicals and continue to the painting process, while areas that are rusted through must be repaired with welding, fabrication, patch panels and/or complete panel replacement.
Sheetmetal Work


Our paint department offers many types of paint such as urethane topcoats, basecoat/clearcoat and original lacquer. Many hours are spent with an attention to detail, block sanding and hand sanding to assure straight panels as well as to maximize paint adhesion.


Common upgrades on older vehicles are brakes and suspension. With driving habits changing year after year, upgrading brakes and steering are popular additions to any build. Whether changing drum brakes, front and rear to disc brakes or manual brakes to power brakes, upgrading from manual steering to power steering or rack and pinion, this all can be performed by our experienced mechanics.

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